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Natalia Moore Short Hairstyles


A short bob with face-framing is among the greatest short haircuts for women over 30 with round faces. When cutting your hair short, this kind of tapered short cut is simple to style, grows out well on salt-and-pepper hair, lifts your crown, and creates a lovely frame for your face. Shortness at the neckline for coolness and height at the crown give this short hairstyle the best of both worlds. From a side perspective, the tilt around the jawline on this short bob is becoming.

Natalia Moore Short Hairstyles - 1

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The best hairstyle for women who wear glasses is a pixie with a bang. Depending on the form of your face, you may want to experiment with side bangs, long fringe, or face framers. Remember that maintaining the fringe around your glasses may necessitate numerous trips to the salon.

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