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Valerie Evans Short Hairstyles


Do you desire a fuller-looking head of hair? then cut it short! A pixie works for fine hair since it gives off a fuller appearance. If you prefer texture and want that spiky finish, ask your hairdresser to deal with your hair’s ends. Also, it gives the shape’s borders a more feminine appearance. While this won’t be the same as having longer hair, remember to invest in haircare for your makeover. To define your ends, a texture paste and a volumizing product are advised.

Valerie Evans Short Hairstyles - 1

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A short, ice blonde pixie will highlight your sense of style. The hair is buzzed off to the lower crown for this appearance. But, the lengthier top and the fringe section give off a softer, more feminine vibe. Fantastic if you don’t want to stress about styling too much. Short pixie cuts look great with bold blondes because they add a wow element. In order to preserve a polished look, I would advise having your hair cut no more frequently than every four weeks.

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