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Phoebe Jenkins Short Hairstyles


Stacking blonde hair into a bixie with a dark nape creates a stunning gentle two-tone transition. A fantastic approach to attract the attention up is to add lightness to the crown or top of your style. We frequently see haircuts as a technique to define your face, but highlights are a different option. I adore using color placement to highlight particular characteristics. Any color scheme can feature a two-toned color location. However you must keep in mind that underlining will have the biggest influence.

Phoebe Jenkins Short Hairstyles - 1

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Appreciate a short, tapered pixie bob for its adorable look. One of the simplest hairstyles to wear is this combination of the bob and the pixie. You can tousle, tuck behind the ear, blow dry smoothly, or even curl this form thanks to its layers. Your best option is to blow dry your hair straight with a metal barrel round brush before deciding what additional products you want to use. Don’t be hesitant; this adorable cut looks good on the majority of face shapes and hair textures.

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