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Amelia Diaz Short Hairstyles


Choose a messy pixie cut and bright blonde hair color for your next haircut if you’ve been considering making a major change to your hair. Your hair will look more textured and unkempt if you add texture to the cut. The secret to growing a pixie is to maintain regular cuts every 6 to 8 weeks. Your hair will continue to have a pleasing shape and design while growing out as a result.

Amelia Diaz Short Hairstyles - 1

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Would a blonde side-swept pixie with an undercut be a good way to switch up your style? A distinctive pixie style that keeps the sides and back of your hair short is to give it an undercut. Despite the short and cropped length of this cut, try leaving the front longer to give it a softer, side-swept appearance. Side-swept bangs can help to soften the area around your face and hide fine lines and wrinkles.

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