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Bernadine Kelly Short Hairstyles


If you have silver hair, a graded choppy chunky bob can be the style for you. For most face types and age groups, a choppy bob with a graduated nape is attractive and can make your neck appear longer. Use a hair volumizer if your hair is fine before blow-drying. Try blow-drying or using a round brush to dry your hair, then try curling it with a 1-inch iron while leaving the ends straight. Finish by sifting through with your hands for a lovely, sloppy style.

Bernadine Kelly Short Hairstyles - 1

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The most adaptable short hairstyles for women in their sixties are rounded pixie bobs, for instance. If you have fine, straight hair, eye-catching bangs might be attractive since they hide aging lines and will make developing your style and updating it over time simple.

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