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Rachelle Stewart Short Hairstyles


Considering getting a short haircut but unsure on what to try? The perfect hairstyle for you might be a long, choppy pixie! Instruct your hairstylist to incorporate aspects of a short pixie into the rear of the hairdo. But, keep the area around the face and ears long and textured. A choppy pixie should always be cobbled together and textured. For the best texture and to avoid any roundness in the shape, I advise a razor cut.

Rachelle Stewart Short Hairstyles - 1

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I adore cuts that have rough edges. Choppy short haircuts that are dry-cut will make it easier for you to see the form and texture. In your hair, you can make a lot of visual points. This short cut has a lot of texture without being overly choppy. Blow dry for styling using a little overdirection for body. To assist your hairpiece come together, choose the cool air setting. Finish with a flexible hairspray or texture spray.

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