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Amparo Murphy Short Hairstyles


A long bixie with light brown balayage provides an amazing combination of dimension and texture. Longer layers give longer pixie bobs a feeling of movement and fluidity, making them a flexible hairstyle. The light brown balayage gives the entire ensemble even more warmth and depth. Anyone who wants to preserve some length in their hair while still enjoying a shorter hairdo might go for a bixie cut. Start with relatively damp hair for styling this elongated pixie bob, then use a texturizing spray for extra hold and grip. After that, blow-dry your hair with a round brush, making gentle waves to accentuate its natural flow.

Amparo Murphy Short Hairstyles - 1

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An iconic hairstyle that never goes out of style is a long, brown inverted pixie bob. Depending on your wave pattern and texture, long pixie bob cuts require a lot of upkeep, but they are totally worth it if you want a stylish and trendy cut. To make sure you have a nice cut, look for a stylist that specializes in these styles.

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