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Ladonna James Short Hairstyles


For women who are constantly on the go, the wash-and-wear pixie hairstyle ideas are an ideal choice. A round brush and volumizing mousse are all this haircut needs to achieve a stunning look that will instantly give you ten years younger appearance. Over-40 wash-and-wear haircuts require 75% air drying before styling. After that, to give this hairstyle more volume and youthfulness, blow-dry your hair while using your brush in a rolling motion throughout the top of your head.

Ladonna James Short Hairstyles - 1

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Here is a chic pixie cut that creates stunning short haircuts for fine-haired women over 40! This is for ladies who want a low-maintenance, easily styled hairdo. You can generate fullness and volume by leaving the top longer and textured, and trimming the sides and back very short. This style of pixie cut for women over 40 will cover up any bare spots you may have.

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