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Alexandria Clark Short Hairstyles


The sophisticated, classic pixie cut is a fantastic option for ladies in their 40s looking for a stylish appearance because of its timeless appeal. The sides and back of the haircut are short, but the top is left slightly longer for versatility and volume. The grace of the pixie cut draws attention to key facial features and creates a youthful vibe. Start with relatively damp hair to obtain the pixie cut. Use a volumizing mousse to give your skin more volume and texture. To build volume and lift the hair at the roots, use a round brush and a blow dryer. To finish, define and shape the hair with a tiny dab of smoothing oil.

Alexandria Clark Short Hairstyles - 1

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Avoid wearing aging hairstyles. A chic pixie adds a contemporary flair and coverage with its wide, sweeping, soft fringe. Taper the pixie toward the nape for a more put together appearance. If you want to tuck your hair behind your ears, you can leave it longer or cut it shorter around your ears for a more defined appearance.

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