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Margret Peterson Short Hairstyles


Attempt a pixie with an undercut and a shaved nape. The finest method for slimming down bulk in a pixie cut is a disconnected undercut. To achieve the ideal balance, take into account your facial profile, form, and where your hair is located. Using a flat wrap brush and root boost spray can make styling your pixie hairstyle simple. Using a 1-inch round brush can give your hair more bend for more body. For definition, use a light hairspray or texture paste at the end.

Margret Peterson Short Hairstyles - 1

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The finer and thinner hair types look best with this undercut pixie cut. Consider an undercut if you have trouble getting volume or keeping your style throughout the day. Dealing with aging hair can be challenging, especially if it is thin. The greatest technique to produce volume and create the appearance of fuller, thicker hair may be to cut a short, edgy pixie.

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