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Allyson Moore Short Hairstyles


One of the simplest yet most timeless looks is a natural gray shaggy pixie. This is a wonderful alternative if you want to look more stylish but are laid-back. Ask your hairdresser for advice on how to style at home. Using a setting lotion and blow-drying with your hands until dry and in place should make styling very simple. Use texture paste and hairspray to seal in your look and provide the appearance of movement with hold.

Allyson Moore Short Hairstyles - 1

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An excellent mix of the early 2020s and contemporary wizardry is an extra-long shaggy pixie cut. The secret to this laid-back look is to avoid going overboard. Medium-thick hair with little to no curl is the perfect candidate. As required, blow hair forward and round brush it to give the lengthy bits a little extra oomph.

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