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Madeleine Schön Short Hairstyles


Short hair has been a part of women of all ages for a period of their lives. Short hairstyles come to mind when talking about the hairstyle of assertive, comfortable and masculine women. Hair styles vary from time to time, and hair designs that are short at the back and extend to the front and stacked in one direction by creating waves with a curling iron looks good on both a business woman and in the daily life. The haircuts that vary in each period has become very stylish and assertive recently with the hair that is randomly left long and short with asymmetric scissor touches and creating more volume with some cosmetic products.

Madeleine Schön Short Hairstyles - 1

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The 90s were the greatest time for short hair. Cut very short, ladies crew cut if you will, the short hair was the favorite hairstyle of the self-indulgent women who loved to live fast. Now, the short hair is showing a modern attitude at the hands of expert hairstylist for the last two or three years. The hair has extra volume with the bob cut, which is one of the hairstyles that ladies prefer thanks to the air and confidence it gives to the person. You can be inspired by Victoria Beckham and Pink, two of the biggest representatives of this trend.

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