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Kaitlyn Hubert Short Hairstyles


We are also looking for interesting short hairstyle ideas that match perfectly with this pixie / undercut combination! The undercut part of this hairstyle is so subtle that at first glance you can hardly notice it. It is carefully tucked under the long hair on the side which keeps it as a detail rather than the focus of the entire appearance.

Kaitlyn Hubert Short Hairstyles - 1

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If you want to try an undercut but don’t know how courageous you want to be, this can be a big step. You can go behind the ears for a small patch and take it straight across the neck or simply tested the water with a small haircut on the side. If you decide to love it, it will be so easy to take a closer look. If you know you don’t have an undercut, it doesn’t take too long to grow up and catch up with the rest of your pixie.

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