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Lou Anne Gleissenebner Short Hairstyles


For ladies over 30, a pixie cut with choppy bangs is a very fashionable appearance. Your cut will have more texture and definition if you go an ice blonde. You might want to think about adjusting your makeup and clothing color when switching from a dark tint to an ice blonde. because a change in hair color might alter the appearance of your skin tone.

Lou Anne Gleissenebner Short Hairstyles - 1

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A stylish, yet edgy method to express one’s personality through one’s appearance is a sleek pixie with wispy bangs. A stylist would add texture using advanced cutting techniques with the shears or razor to get this style. A multitude of techniques can be used to produce the style at home. Heat, air drying, or dry styling. Blowout gels and paste are styling tools that may offer flair to any look.

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