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Sherrie Rivera Short Hairstyles


Would a blonde side-swept pixie with an undercut be a good way to switch up your style? A distinctive pixie style that keeps the sides and back of your hair short is to give it an undercut. Despite the short and cropped length of this cut, try leaving the front longer to give it a softer, side-swept appearance. Side-swept bangs can help to soften the area around your face and hide fine lines and wrinkles.

Sherrie Rivera Short Hairstyles - 1

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Try an undercut with a side part if you’re over 30 and want a long pixie cut. The forehead wrinkles will be hidden by the sweeping, swooping bangs. Less style time will be required because of the shorter back. As you blow-dry your hair, shape and curl it with a 1″ ceramic round brush while working a dollop of volumizing mousse for volume in the crown.

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