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Frankie Moore Short Hairstyles


A short, spiky hairstyle for women is defined as a look with a ton of layers and products that are used to achieve a spiky look. Celebrities Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett, Pink, and Jessica Alba have done something uncommon for women by sporting a look that has resulted in a great deal of controversy. It’s no surprise that in a short time, these edgy cuts rose to their former heights of popularity.

Frankie Moore Short Hairstyles - 1

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To do spiky hairstyles in various colors and shapes, visit the hair artist and colorist Stephanie Paul. If you use a product like gel or clay, you can lift those strands and produce a fresh, yet feisty, textured look. In addition to adding fullness to thin hair, a spiky haircut also benefits hair of all different textures because it brings fullness to the overall appearance. The results are always youthful and full of glam no matter your age.

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