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Blanche Scott Short Hairstyles


Straight hair looks excellent with a stacked lixie cut, which a salon stylist can create with anything from thinning shears to a razor. When it comes to haircuts for women over 30, lengthier pixie cuts come in a wide range of varieties, including those with a longer fringe, longer perimeter, and stacked backs. They can also change seasonally for greater wearability.

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A long, spiked pixie may be something you want to try if your hair is thinning. Ask your stylist to trim the crown layers to a length of about 2 inches, allowing enough hair for it to tousle and spike, hiding any bald spots on the head. You can achieve that chaotic look with the help of a volumizing gel and a texture paste. With this cute pixie, you’ll look 10 years younger.

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