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Souza Perez Short Hairstyles


This is a classic form with a little more volume and duration at the top and a shorter, tapered length on the sides. Since this client’s hair is extremely straight and thick, it was shaved for serious texture and fullness. I adore this cut because it can be worn sloppy and textured for a casual look or slicked back for a more polished, sophisticated look. This is an excellent temporary cut for clients with straighter hair who want to cut their hair short but aren’t quite ready for the complete Mia Farrow pixie.

Souza Perez Short Hairstyles - 1

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The longer bangs function as a kind of “comfort blanket,” and the sides could also be left longer. The back of every shorter haircut should always be the shortest section; this creates an elegant silhouette. Any face shape is appropriate for short hair, and my only rule is that the higher the jawline, the longer the crown region should be for balance. There should always be some texture, even more so with extremely thick hair to prevent the “hat” effect. Typically, all that is needed to style a great short hair cut is a texture spray or texture powder applied to dry hair!

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