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Jenny Schmidt Short Hairstyles


They show a strong personality and may oppose feminine romantic styles with soft flowing outlines and sleek textures. Rough haircuts show the other side of womanhood, and it’s pretty cool that a woman can be so different just by changing her haircut. Funky haircuts blend in a modern casual style. And they look beautiful for special occasions, too. Cropped edges of your favorite classic chin-length bob or long edgy bangs with a short pixie are a perfect way to look new, young and trendy. Sharp rich layers and texture play add a different ultra-modern twist that transforms the looks to what’s currently on the trend top.

Jenny Schmidt Short Hairstyles - 1

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Spring is a time of change or renewal, and the sensible nature of women can not help to respond to it. Yeah, it’s the best time to refresh your haircut, isn’t it? So, what are the options you have? You can go for a whole new look or add a trendy twist to your regular cut that you’ve been wearing for years. If you stick to medium or long hair styles, there’s also a way to make them prettier and chicer. Below are examples of edgy short haircuts, medium-length and longer cuts with shaggy shapes, which you may take as an inspiration for your perfect spring renewal.

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