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Shorty Lain Short Hairstyles


The pixie cut features long, side-swept bangs. This is especially attractive for the finer types of hair as it refers to the consistency of the hair in the center. There’s no age limit to an edgy pixie cut, everyone can pull it off. Choppy bangs give this appearance an element of modern coolness, while rocker accessories can complete the look.

Shorty Lain Short Hairstyles - 1

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Many people with normally textured hair “wave to curly” take pixie cuttings to remove extra weight from their hair and reduce drying time. Add a small bend for extra dimension to the bangs. Maintaining the layers longer can add volume, which is ideal if you have thin , flat hair. Similarly, adding highlights does not only create the illusion of more bodies, but colors themselves will work to tear your hair apart. Give it a wave for the stylish Hollywood look.

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