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Patrice Turner Short Hairstyles


This shaggy pixie cut is suitable for virtually all hair types. My model has a medium-length hairstyle with a fine texture. Hair that is extremely coarse and thick may benefit from additional length to aid in styling control. This style of fringe is flattering on all face shapes and is simple to customize while maintaining the pixie look.

Patrice Turner Short Hairstyles - 1

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When styling a pixie haircut, apply a heat protectant from root to tip and finish with a blow-dry activated texture spray. I dried the back of the head by hand in the direction I desired and added quantity at the top by dehydrating the roots upwards. I dried the fringe on the opposite side from where it was supposed to lay in order to create soft quantity when styled. A dry texture spray and also some tousling were used to finish the pixie cut.

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