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Mini Cooper Countryman 2021 Review


The 2021 Mini Cooper Countryman is essentially a supersize version of the small cars that made the UK brand renowned for its fun to drive. Although this Mini is not as fast or sleek as its tinier siblings, it keeps the quirky nature of the company. It also provides the largest number of freight and passenger space available in any Mini, making it particularly suitable for small families. The Countryman has a wide range of options, including a trio of ascending powertrains that include a hybrid plug-in. It is regarded as a subcompact crossover, but drives more like a wagon. The cabin has special details and the company offers a host of personalization options. Despite the uneven riding quality and the lack of driver, the 2021 Countryman has a lot of character and comfort.

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021 - 1

What’s New About 2021?

The largest Mini gets a bunch of 2021 updates. Its unmistakable look is more prominent now because of a restyled front end. LED lighting elements support the British patrimony on the taillights using a Union Jack theme. The Piano Black Exterior is now available to substitute the Mini Chrome Cut for gloss-black pieces. A number of fresh wheel designs and the colors White Silver and Sage Green are new. Within, the housing of the infotainment system is redesigned with gloss-black material. The Countryman is now also compatible with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. There will be a new version of MINI Yours Interior Model , a new range of leather trims and interior surfaces and a new optical gage cluster on the steering wheel.

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Motor, Transmission and Leistung

The Countryman offers several combinations of powertrain and either standard front or all-wheel drive options. In addition to the plug-in model, the front-drive versions feature an automatic dual-clutch 7-speed transmission; all-wheel-drived ones have an automatic 8-speed transmission. The base motor is a 134-hp, three-cylinder turbo-loaded engine which simply lacks the power to drive the Countryman with any authority. The Cooper S model has a more powerful 189-hp four-cylinder turbo-charged engine. The Cooper S E plug-in hybrid model is the fastest countryman we’ve tested, but it’s also the most costly.

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021 - 2

It uses a variant of a gas three-cylinder engine that drives the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission in combination with a 9.6 kWh battery-powered rear-drive motor. It can either run at 120 volts or at 240 volts. A complete charge takes seven hours with standard 120 volt house current, and a little over three hours with 240 volts. The Countryman never feels light or tossable from behind the wheel, unlike other Mini Models. His stoic layout is not bad; it is simply different from other minis, which are playful without reservation. However, it’s worth noting that our test vehicles haven’t been fitted with adjustable Mini damper (a kit option), which could help offset our often harsh ride quality with 18-inch wheel models from Countryman. The brake pedal of the plug-in model was long dead at the top of its journey and it is becoming accustomed.

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