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Honda Accord 2020


In our 10 Best list we have named the Honda Accord many times because it is the most impressive sedan for the family ever, and the 2020 model is no different. The Honda provides three powertrain choices – including a hybrid – balancing power and performance. The two four-cylinder petrols can be paired with an attractive manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic slicking shift. Graceful handling is a hallmark for the Accord and its agile frame, light weighted steering and balanced riding style in the lineup. A range of driver assistance apps, including automatic emergency braking, lane assistance and adaptive cruise control, are also standard. It is also one of the best-equipped choices in its class and not only the best-driving family sedan, the 2020 Agreement makes it easy for today’s car shoppers.

Honda Accord 2020 - 1

Motor, Move and Output

Starting with a 1,5-litre, 192-hp turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, our favorite is a 252-hp, 2,0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with either a 6-speed, or a 10-speed, almost seamless manual. They both run smoothly, but the 2.0-liter engines have a rapid output that can quickly spin the front pipes in the first gear. A four-cylinder hybrid and two electric motors are also available. The chassis of the Accord is well sorted and encourages the driver to push the car difficult in corners with a low body roll. The steering is soft, as is the case with a car in this class, but we would not care if it conveyed more input from the lane. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to complain about an accurate and predictable helmet. The ride of the Accord is controlled but never tough, helping to create a winning balance between a sports sedan and a handy family car.

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Real-World Fuel Economy and MPG

This latest version of the Agreement nixed the V-6 and naturally sucked four-cylinder motors in favor of a pair of downsized turbo fours, with generally positive results. Both engines have yielded strong results in our fuel economy tests on the real world highway. On our road loop, the 10-speed automatic Agreement Touring 2.0T has delivered its own EPA road ratings by delivering 35 mpg. It also did better than a Camry in 2018, which we tested for 29 mpg with its 301 hp V-6 engine. Our Accord Sport 1.5 T test with 6-speed manual transmission yielded even more promising 38 mpg returns.

Honda Accord 2020 - 2

Convenience, Interior and Cargo

The interior of the Agreement is surprisingly spacious, and rear seat passengers will be more happy in an agreement than in nearly any other mid sedan. The Honda trimming structure without options means that most driver choices about its features are made, but virtually every Accord has beautiful interior decoration and at least some creature comfort. With heated and cold leather front seats, heated back seats and a head-up display, the top Touring trim is fully covered. However, the lower trim levels have their own charms. Among them are the attractive and comfortable clothes and interior trimming of Honda. Not only does Accord ‘s 17 cubic feet of freight space beat the next-best car in the class but its electric-powertrain components do not sacrifice any cargo space. In our tests, the standard agreement had two more hand-held bags, with the back seats folded as opposed to the next competitor. The Accord’s storage area is in the middle of the road and its interior storage is not almost as convenient or so careful as the Honda Civic or the Hyundai Ioniq, for example. However, the agreement will satisfy most drivers’ basic needs.

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