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Maribel Harris Short Hairstyles


For women over 40 years, the most flattering short haircuts is a one-long short haircut with bangs. It has a diagonal margin and an undercut on the surface of the nape. The undercut/disconnecting at the back provides a sleek look for those who want a classic with a twist. Optionally, the diagonal fringe can be cut square as well. You can also choose no fringe and the style will still look fantastic.

Maribel Harris Short Hairstyles - 1

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The disconnected undercut isn’t ideal for everyone when it comes to short haircuts for women in their forties. My best thing about this style is that it’s perfect for ladies over 40 who have healthy yet dense hair that doesn’t have the time to dry a lot. It’s great for those who want and like to notice a contemporary, feminine look.

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