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Emily Richardson Short Hairstyles


If you’re looking for a stylish haircut, consider an edgy silver pixie. To create a quirky asymmetrical shape, ask your hairdresser to shorten your hair at the nape and sides while leaving the front longer on one side. You’ll seem younger thanks to your cut, which is very easy to manage. Please keep in mind that to maintain the shape of your short hairdo, you will need to get it cut frequently, at least once every four weeks.

Emily Richardson Short Hairstyles - 1

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Put on an extremely short pixie cut with tiny side bangs to channel Mia Farrow. For women with small frames, short hair is ideal. Short hair truly highlights the face and can completely change how you look. If time and money are concerns, keep in mind that a succinct cut requires more salon upkeep to keep it looking sharp.

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