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Dominique Murphy Short Hairstyles


This brief hairstyle is modeled after Dominique Murphy’s traditional bob. Your stylist can add layers while shaping the bob, using the traditional bob as the general contour for this cut. This gives the shape and surface considerably more movement and softness than the traditional bob. It creates the impression of a heavier weight with more volume.

Dominique Murphy Short Hairstyles - 1

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The softness and fluidity this cut generates on the hair is what I find appealing. Giving hair the bounce and lightweight effect is done by texturizing it “just enough” but not “too much.” Additionally, it improves the contrast of the highlights in the client’s hair. Due to its ability to soften and narrow faces with square or round features, this cut is fantastic for them. You can also think about this type of appearance if your hair is fine or coarse.

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