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Cristina Delgado Short Hairstyles


Tiny choppy hair provides an exquisite quality that will look you up. If you have a bob, pixie, or a haircut, adding some grit or disconnected layers in your look will make it more fun and really change the form. You will be shocked at the versatility these beautiful choppy haircuts bring!

Choppy texture is multi-faceted, attractive and stunning! Take your ointment, wax or texture spray to enhance your fresh chunky or razor cut. It’s a great time for short hair now!

Cristina Delgado Short Hairstyles - 1

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Be practical when picking your hairstyle. Tell yourself if your personality just wants a gentle and feminine hairstyle, or more. If you’re not sure, pick a longer hairstyle with more flexibility rather than pigeonholing.

Most of these short choppy cuts are really stylish. Why doesn’t want to go look and wash?

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