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Volksvagen Passat 2020


Sedan sales worldwide continue to fall. For this reason, major brands such as General Motors and Ford have unplugged some sedan models. Volkswagen is still a bit stubborn in sedan models. Some of the images of the Passat in the D segment were shared over the Internet and what changes Volkswagen made on the Passat.

Volksvagen Passat 2020 - 1

Passat, which only sold 41,401 units in the US last year, seems to have not seen much change in the 2020 model, because it is shown that the vehicle cannot fully cover the costs.

The 2020 Passat has a larger grill and elite rear lights. This particular model is also seen with an aggressive front bumper, fake fender holes, and the R-Line outer package that comes with sleek two-tone alloy wheels.

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Volksvagen Passat 2020 - 2

On the back is a new design with an integrated rear spoiler and thinner tail lights. The R-Line package also features a new spoiler with a new tailpipe. It is, of course, the same as the Chinese Passat.

The new Passat comes with a 2.0-liter engine. This engine can produce 174 HP power and 280 nm torque. The front-wheel drive was combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Volksvagen Passat 2020 - 3
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