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Samsung Galaxy A51 Comment And Review


The Samsung Galaxy A51 is an inexpensive five-cameras Android phone. The program and a bold AMOLED screen looks like the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. There are performance problems with unstable portions of the camera software. The tertiary macro camera in this class is better than most, and offers a different way to take pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A51 provides some of the high-end Galaxy S interface features. The back is plastic, however, so the front camera does not fit into the front window. Has a fingerprint scanner on-screen but it is not very reliable and slower than most. There is no official water resistance, but the handset has a headphone port of 3.5 mm. It is fair for the media and wider than the Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy A51 - 1
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Samsung Galaxy A51 has a Super AMOLED 1080 x 2400 resolution Super AMOLED screen. However, this is not one of Samsung ‘s biggest OLED panels, and a few obvious problems arise. When used indoors, optimum lighting seems conservative but starts when taking outdoors on a bright day. Not as bright as you can comfortably watch movies in direct sunlight, but interface and websites look quite clear.

Sony IMX582 sensor and two secondary 5MP cameras are fitted with 48MP main camera. Macro mode is fun to play, but the main camera can’t concentrate on objects. Image quality isn’t great, but it’s better than many cheaper cameras. Has no preview picture-meaning you likely won’t see how good the final picture looks. macro is a helpful way to take close-up pictures, but handshake movement can make the background quality blurry. There are several 2MP cameras in the Oppo A9 2020, and the iPhone 6 has a 2MP camera.

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The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a 32MP camera to record selfies and can shoot 4 K video on 120fps, which can shoot video at up to 30 fps (fps). The app is slow to load and the telephone crashes a number. There is no way to toggle between wide and ultra-wide views when you are shooting.

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