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Rebekah Stewart Short Hairstyles


Enjoy the adorable short style of a long pixie with nicely layered fringe. Remember that a pixie can be undercut, so be sure to tell your stylist what length you want. If you require further explanation regarding a close cut, I advise leaving the undercut longer. This will make it simple for your shape to develop. A short undercut can slim you down considerably and enhance your shape. You want the top to be lengthy and unconnected in either case, with a medium layer added for a piece-like texture.

Rebekah Stewart Short Hairstyles - 1

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The perfect long pixie is one with platinum tones and layers that is neither too short nor too lengthy. The best part is that you can create a chic look with just a basic blow dry and volume powder on the crown. To identify the variation of this hairstyle that suits you the best, I advise speaking with your hairdresser!

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