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Nichole Reyes Short Hairstyles


Because the hair on women in their 30s is beginning to thinning, a short haircut with a pixie cut is ideal. By adding subdued yellow highlights that are still appealing but not overpowering, keep your hair short and playful! You should have joy wearing this funky style because it is fun! Use Bumble and bumble Sumo Clay for style. It is a matte clay with workable and movable grip. For women who enjoy styling their short hair in an edgy manner and adore having short hair, this look is perfect!

Nichole Reyes Short Hairstyles - 1

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When our hair becomes finer with age, cutting it short is the wisest course of action. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we ought to pick a soccer mom bob. Instead, try this really chic asymmetric textured bob! This hairstyle will look best on faces of all shapes and sizes with medium-textured, dense hair.

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