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Nettie Thomas Short Hairstyles


This hairstyle is perfect for you if you want a longer pixie! For a look that is even more edgy, combine it with a strong hue like this red. Ask your stylist about an at-home colored conditioner to keep your hair color vivid. Washing with colder water keeps your hair’s cuticle tight and prolongs its life. The cuticle is opened by warm water, hastening the release of color.

Nettie Thomas Short Hairstyles - 1

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You might want to give a vivid red hair color a try if you want to make your bob look more brilliant. You’ll like having more profound richness. Red tones do have a tendency to fade a little more quickly, but there is no need to panic. Between appointments, you can apply Celeb Luxury Ruby Red color wash. It keeps your color appearing vibrant.

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