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Monica Campbell Short Hairstyles


If you don’t know how to style your straight hair, attempt a short, angled pixie with a side part. You will fit easily into a tapered back with longer upper layers. Try using a medium metal barrel round brush to blow dry rearward. Utilize a side component next for interest and lift. Most facial shapes can benefit from a short pixie, and if you like a softer look, make sure the ears are left somewhat exposed.

Monica Campbell Short Hairstyles - 1

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Clients frequently tell me that they want to cut their hair shorter but don’t want to appear “old.” I always respond by explaining that having short hair does not imply having old hair. I’ve learned from my years of experience that people desire their short hair to look fashionable. Usually, I advise getting a pixie cut like this. This cut stays looking current and stylish thanks to the way it lays and the clipper detailing.

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