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Katrin Berndt Short Hairstyles


Pixie’s haircuts are back this year – the short and sassy style looks perfect on everyone, regardless of whether you have dark brown hair or ash-blonde clasps. Pixie cuts are not only stylish as ever, but also super low maintenance. Your new do gives the expression “I woke up like this” a whole new sense. It is much easier every day to keep a pixie haircut than to cut longer haircutting.

Katrin Berndt Short Hairstyles - 1

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Because you have less hair, you usually have less time in the morning to style your hair. Although it can be easier to maintain a pixie cut everyday, don’t be surprised if your time in the salon is longer. If you want to keep the perfect length of pixies always, take every two to four weeks to go back to the salon, depending on how quickly your hair is growing.

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