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Kathryn Wood Short Hairstyles


For women with thin hair, a lengthier pixie with caramel balayage is great since it creates the appearance that you have more hair than you actually have thanks to its various length layers and shorter shape. Be sure to blow dry this haircut to maximize its ability to give you the desired amount of volume and texture, paying attention to how you prefer your hair to lie and part. My personal opinion is that you should keep your hair longer around your face, particularly in front of the ears and along the fringe. Your hair will be taller the shorter the layers.

Kathryn Wood Short Hairstyles - 1

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For women who wear glasses, an edgy short pixie is a wonderful option to keep hair out of the way. It’s important to trim the hair both with and without the glasses while cutting a pixie with spectacles. In order to prevent any hair from catching on the eyewear, do this.

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