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Birgit Höbenreich Short Hairstyles


This short hair pixie has both short sharp edges and a lot of internal texture. It begins at the top / back shorter and rises in length at the end. The sides of the hairline are cut off with a grade 1. Super short hairstyles for thick hair are not for the weak heart, you have to be confident. It’s perfect for all face shapes if you keep a little bit long and soft on top and how you style your hair. You must be someone who likes hair styling because haircuts look better done.

Birgit Höbenreich Short Hairstyles - 1

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With these shapes, matt waxes and texture sprays work very well. The choppy pixie cut is very flexible and can in many ways be formed. For any girl who wants to be shorter, the question is how much effort you want to put in your hair. There are so many people who feel that short hair is easy and low maintenance, and it is for sure! These are unicorn people and should be researched. But for most short types, chance, commitment and a great product are required.

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