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Bernadine Bennett Short Hairstyles


Both seductive and sassy, a feminine pixie with blonde highlights. The top’s longer length and its delicate neckline enhance this chop’s feminine features. In the salon, request that your stylist leave the top of your hair long enough to curl. Using a flat iron or a curling iron depends on which is more convenient for you. I’m a curling iron girl; my mind won’t allow me to curl with a flat iron. Be ready to turn some heads as well!

Bernadine Bennett Short Hairstyles - 1

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With a blonde lived-in pixie cut, go for the chop. Your hair will start out new and healthy if those dead ends are cut off. Your limp hair will have more body and volume if you have some textured, untidy layers. If you want to give your hair some roughness and a mild grip, use a texture paste.

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