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Antoinette Stewart Short Hairstyles


Highlights and lowlights give feathered bixies a dynamic, multifaceted, and risk-taking appearance. Highlights and lowlights can be used to give a pixie cut personality, dimension, and movement. Add platinum highlights to a pixie cut to brighten it up and notice how the additional tones blend in to better match your skin tone. A bixie cut is so adaptable that it may be tailored to practically any texture, type, color, style, or objective.

Antoinette Stewart Short Hairstyles - 1

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A standard color combination to go with a short cut is a blonde pixie with dark roots. Blonde hair appears to have greater volume since light expands with it and dark roots require less upkeep as the color develops. For the ideal sun-kissed pixie hairdo, add beachy waves.

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