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2020 Short Hairstyles


This short haircut is a multi-faceted pixie. The disconnection in the mastoid process is my favorite thing about the look. I have developed a lot of internal movement so the hair can be worn in several ways. But if it’s a short haircut, it still has a woman’s look that I love too! The first thing I ask is how dedicated they are. Understanding the customer’s lifestyle is important because a look like this needs maintenance every four weeks. In the plus side, it can literally style itself and you can achieve a new look with minimal items for any occasion.

2020 Short Hairstyles - 1

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Of course, every face is different, so it’s important to highlight the best features of the client and curate a haircut that will. If you can see in the picture of my client, she has a lovely smile I wanted to concentrate of. We tightened it on the sides by a guard of 3 and did a U-like disconnection during the mastoid process , leaving the length to the front longer and a lot of texture!

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