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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review And Price

Meet Samsung’s 6,8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which is here to prove us wrong when we think “Wow, phone screens won’t be larger, can they?”

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a massive Samsung phone with an equal price that is a lot higher than the Galaxy Note 10, thanks to its large screen size. But it’s easy to fall in love with the screen and Aura Glow back when you’re in utter opulence with your smartphone. It’s both class-leading and elegant.

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It is still a large phone, but the slightly bigger Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and its 6.9-inch display have surpassed it. And, yes, the whole line with higher specifications and cameras has been released, but Note 10 Plus remains a top smartphone that has probably already gained some discount. It’s still the strongest style packaging phone out there, at least until Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is released later in 2020.

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Of course , the best phones today are all with large screens, many of them from Samsung. While the latest Note 10 Plus goes beyond what the S10 Plus provided six months earlier, with latest wall-like tricks to the convenient, exclusive Note S pen.

Screens in these sizes ask for a stylus, and when we called the S10 Plus the “fast-all-included Samsung phone,” this is what we said. But there must be more, and Note 10 Plus delivers mostly.

The five cameras deliver a portrait mode ‘Live View’ with fun-to-use filters. While Samsung ‘s main cameras are beaten by Pixel3 in low light, the selective Color Point and Big Circles filters have taken our selfie to the next level. The Note 10 Plus has the best selfie ever tested camera.

However, Samsung goes one step further with ideas that we didn’t need. Live Focus Video makes sense on paper, but just once you test it you realize that you really don’t want distracting effects of blurring background in your videos. The same applies to AR Doodle, which can be used once but completely needless. It’s AR Emoji / Animoji this year.

These features and a stylus are available on the “normal” 6.4-inch note 10 that has a more hand-friendly screen and less expensive prices. But the faster specs, a microSD card slot, greater battery and ultra fast charging speeds are exclusive to Note 10 Plus.

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Notebooks for 2019 lack one thing: a traditional 3,5 mm headphone jack. Samsung eventually caught up in the recent trend to dilute and load their phones into a larger battery.

Now we’re going to match you on this luxurious handset. You get a great camera in your pocket for your money – but it’s not actually the best camera phone. And it’s easy, but technically speaking, it’s not the quickest telephone you can buy.

Note 10 is the best phone of Samsung and, most importantly, the most fun we have ever had using a smartphone in 2019. This might be the last big Samsung phone before the Galaxy Fold revolution.

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