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Motorola Edge Plus Price And Review

The Motorola Edge Plus is the first true flagship of Motorola over the years, with its top features, a stunning monitor and a trio of back cameras. With 5 G tap-on connectivity, the phone also checks all cases to be a serious opponent of Samsung , Apple and OnePlus heavyweights.

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For Motorola, the expensive Edge Plus sadly enters a market where mobile sales are plummeting – and, worse, its limited reach makes it difficult to achieve in the United States and elsewhere.

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That’s a shame. Edge Plus cost as much for a Motorola phone as a Samsung Galaxy S20 baseline (at least in the US), but it keeps up with its rivals in almost every segment – and provides some special extra features that can be booted.

Motorola Edge Plus - 1

Motorola veterans will particularly appreciate the iconic Android skin of the brand, which has been faithfully translated into the new mobile phone along with traditional Moto Actions: it’s great to be able with the quick double wrist torsion to start the camera app and take advantage of the three-time rear camera, particularly the stunning 108MP main shooter.

The zoom capabilities are equal to those on other flagships, albeit not as long as the best top-tier handsets, trying to make it one of the few clear areas where the Motorola Edge Plus doesn’t really outperform the most advanced smartphones.

But, as described above, it is at least the same price in the United States as the Galaxy S20 – and that means it’s more affordable than the 1 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, with the same powerful Snapdragon 865, 12 GB of RAM and 5 G connectivity.

It can both connect to sub-6 and mmWave 5 G networks, making it even more attractive to multi-fuel customers. Sadly, however, the availability of the phone undermines its appeal – it is sold via Verizon only in the US, without the plans to release an unlocked version and global disponibility hasn’t been revealed beyond vague release plans in the United Kingdom.

Motorola Edge Plus - 2

Motorola’s close ties with Verizon kept their motorcycles in the Z-series from being sold outside the carrier, but with Moto Mod compatibility, that product range became somewhat new. The Motorola Edge Plus can be put on Verizon to do the same niche status, which will be perfect for fans of Motorola who have stuck with the network, but not with Sprint, T-Mobile or MVNOs.

It is entirely possible that the smaller-speed Motorola Edge, launched in the UK and expected to arrive in the United States soon, may be a low-priced option to customers who do not want to earn cash.

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