Jeanette Cooper Short Hairstyles

Enjoy the adorable short style of a long pixie with nicely layered fringe. Remember that a pixie can be undercut, so be sure to tell your stylist what length you want. If you require further explanation regarding a close cut, I advise leaving the undercut longer. This will make it simple for your shape to develop. A short undercut can slim you down considerably and enhance your shape. You want the top to be lengthy and unconnected in either case, with a medium layer added for a piece-like texture.

Adding volume, layers, and highlights can make a long pixie cut look good. You may create a cut that is both modern and adaptable by adding textured layers to it. Your hair looks bigger and feels more bouncy because to the added volume. Your overall appearance will have more dimension if you add highlights to your hair. For individuals who want to add some flair to their hair while keeping it low maintenance, this style is ideal.

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